VOTD: 'Back To The Future' Star Tom Wilson Confronts Being A Pop Culture Icon With His Own Art

In the world of pop culture, there are some actors who are only ever best known for a single role they played in a movie or TV show. No matter how much other work they do, they'll always be that character in the eyes of the audience. Ralph Macchio is The Karate Kid, Macaulay Culkin is Kevin McCallister, Jason Biggs is the guy who fucked a pie, Henry Winkler is The Fonz and Mark Hamill is Luke Skywalker (though he has become well known for voicing The Joker in animated form too).

The same can also be said of Tom Wilson, the man who is known for playing the bully Biff Tannen (and all of his ancestors and descendants) in the Back to the Future trilogy. Now the actor tries to confront the daunting prospect of having become pop art by creating some therapeutic art of his own. Not only is the art pretty cool, but it's fascinating to see the actor deal with his kind of fame so bluntly and publicly. Check out the Tom Wilson I Am Pop Art video below.

Wilson has desperately tried to distance himself from Back to the Future for awhile, but over recent years has embraced it slightly by singing a comedic song about working on the movie, and even making a little cheat sheet with answers to those questions he most commonly gets. But this is something that makes much more of a statement about what it's like to be an actor in his position.

Sometimes we love movies like Back to the Future so much that we forget that some of the people who worked on them had their entire life changed forever because of them. We don't stop to think that all of the questions and thoughts we have about a given property we love aren't at the forefront of the minds of those who worked on it decades ago. I can't imagine how tiring it must be after 30 years. Sure, it's a first world problem, and Wilson is undoubtedly paid pretty decently for his involvement in the movies, but still, I don't envy being in his position.

Having said that, the artwork he produces because of this fact he has to deal with every day is pretty impressive. Honestly, I wouldn't mind getting my hands on one of those pieces to contrast with the celebratory Back to the Future artwork I already have.