VOTD: 'The Animated Adventures Of Firefly' Is What The World Needs Right Now

Any fan of Joss Whedon's sci-fi series Firefly will tell you that it's one of those shows that came to an end far too soon. It only lasted for a single 14-episode season, but that was enough for it to become a cult favorite TV series with a rabid following always hoping for the show to make some kind of comeback. Fans can take solace in the fact that they got a feature film to follow up the show in the form of Serenity, but of course, they still want more.

Sadly, we're not likely to ever get any new episodes of Firefly or a sequel to Serenity, but maybe artist Stephen Byrne can help keep the fans at bay with his creation of a teaser for The Animated Adventures of Firefly. Watch the fanmade teaser for a Firefly animated series after the jump.

It's a short video at just 30 seconds long, but considering this is just a passion project of an artist who loves Firefly, you won't mind when you see the quality of animation on display. Plus, it serves as a sort of sequel to Serenity where we get teases of Mal and Inara finally embracing, Zoe gazing at a hologram of her husband and Kaylee getting ready to face-off with a Reaver. In addition, Mal gets to encounter The Operative, who he previously swore to kill.

It would be nice to see this fleshed out into a real animated series, but that's just too time consuming and expensive, even for an artist like Stephen Byrne to take on. Sadly, Fox is unlikely to do anything like this either, so we'll just have to take what we can get with this little teaser. It's a shame we don't get animated series based off of other TV shows or movies like this anymore.