Amazon Wants More Of Woody Allen's 'Crisis In Six Scenes', Teases 'Jean-Claude Van Johnson' [TCA 2016]

Amazon's sessions for the Television Critics Association were filled with tidbits on their upcoming projects throughout the day. In his opening remarks on Sunday, Amazon's Head of Half Hour Joe Lewis discussed the Amazon series Woody Allen has written and directed starring Miley Cyrus. "We have Woody Allen's highly anticipated new series which is titled Crisis in Six Scenes," Lewis said.

However, Head of Amazon Studios Roy Price explained that the title is not literal. It will not be a single half hour scene each episode. "No, actually," Price said. "It's like six episodes, continuous story comedy."

Allen wrote and directed all six episodes. Price would like to have a second season, but it will depend entirely on Allen's availability and interest. "That's something we have to figure out with Woody," Price said. "We'll see how he feels and [what he] wants to do. He's busy because he does a movie a year, so it's hard. Normally he shoots a movie in the summer. Then he got this in right before it. I don't know that he'll always be able to do this schedule that way, because he also has to write too. I would do it."

Continue reading below for the latest on Jean-Claude Van Damme's Jean-Claude Van Johnson and Whit Stillman's The Cosmopolitans.

During the day, Amazon included some clips of the upcoming Jean-Claude Van Damme comedy Jean-Claude Van Johnson in its clip packages. In the clips, an aging Van Damme had trouble doing his famous splits, which we know is just acting because we all saw the Volvo commercial.

As someone who still watches Van Damme's movies that premiere on VOD or DVD/Blu-ray, I know he can still kick. In fact, some of his recent movies are even more outrageous than the theatrical releases he made at the height of his fame (Pound of Flesh and Universal Soldier: Regeneration certainly). During his executive panel, Roy Price assured JCVD fans the series would include lots of action in each half hour.

"I expect that would happen," Price said. "He's a spy and he's going on missions. We haven't set a rule but I would imagine so."

Van Damme will play a famous actor who is also a secret agent. "We just thought that premise was hilarious and hopefully you will too when you see it," Price said.

Amazon premiered the pilot for a Whit Stillman series, The Cosmopolitans, in 2014. Now two years later, they still expect to make the series with Stillman.

"The Cosmopolitans is an interesting case," Price said. "Whit is working on scripts so that could happen. It's exciting. I think it's a great cast. Having Whit and Chloë [Sevigny] back together in Paris could be magic. So I still have high hopes about The Cosmopolitans. In the meantime, Whit worked on Love and Friendship, the movie we distributed in the U.S. He's in Paris and he's working on [the show]. Ball's in Whit's court on that one."

Jean-Claude Van Johnson premieres August 19 on Amazon. Crisis in Six Scenes premieres September 30.