'Fearless' Trailer: Netflix Takes You Into The World Of Professional Bull Riding

The late Roger Ebert famously called movies "empathy machines," writing on how they allow you to experience other lives and new perspectives in a fashion that most other art forms cannot. I find this to be especially true with great documentaries, which can take subject matter that doesn't seem like it would interest you at all and blow your mind wide open with the details of a world you would normally never think about.

Case in point: this new Netflix documentary series about professional bull riders. I didn't know I wanted to watch a documentary series about professional bull riders, but here we are. It's called Fearless and there's a trailer and everything.

Fearless is the latest step in Netflix's plan to saturate the world of entertainment by building a library of shows and movies that will eventually have something for every single person on the face of the planet. Don't like Stranger Things? Don't fret! Here's a documentary about brave/foolish men who make a living trying to hold onto angry 1,500-pound animals for eight seconds!

Snark aside, what is on display in this trailer looks bigger and more compelling than the rodeo layman would expect, focusing on both American bull riders and their counterparts in South America. As someone whose only regular experience with bulls generally involves a fork and a knife, this looks fascinating.

The best thing I can say about Fearless right now is that it looks like a solid 30 For 30 entry, a series that has the nasty habit of getting me completely invested in sports that I would never actually sit down to watch. Between that vibe and Netflix's strong record of purchasing quality documentaries (which range from harrowing political dramas like The Square to crowdpleasers like The Battered Bastards of Baseball), Fearless certainly looks like something I'd be willing to check out.

Fearless is set to drop on Netflix on August 19, 2016. You can check out the poster for the series below.fearless trailer