'Watchmen' Honest Trailer: Zack Snyder's Other Polarizing Superhero Movie

Before Zack Snyder polarized superhero movie fans with Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, he polarized superhero movie fans with Watchmen. Granted, Snyder's adaptation of Alan Moore's seminal comic was received a bit better than his most recent films were, but to this day people seem to have severely mixed feelings about it. Fortunately, the Screen Junkies team is here to help you sort out your thoughts. Watch the Watchmen Honest Trailer below. 

It's not hard to see the comparison between Watchmen and Batman v Superman. Both are gloomy, self-serious affairs about meaner versions of characters we already know and love. But Screen Junkies' best observation is that the notorious "Martha" twist in Batman v Superman was preceded by a surprisingly similar plot point in the Watchmen Director's Cut. "Ugh, so that's where he got it from," sighs the narrator.

And for better or for worse, it's also easy to understand how Watchmen led to Snyder's other superhero films. The Watchmen team consists of characters like "the Comedian, who's Captain America... if he were a dick. Rorschach, who's Batman... if he were a dick. And Doctor Manhattan, who's Superman... if he were a dick. Who always had his dick hanging out. Seriously. Always. So many dicks." The Watchmen Honest Trailer gets hung up on that part, but we can't really blame them. The whole thing was indeed pretty weird.

One similarity that Screen Junkies doesn't point out, though? Like Batman v SupermanWatchmen hit home video with a longer director's cut that played much better than the shorter theatrical one. Here's Peter on the Watchmen director's cut:

I don't personally know one person who enjoys Watchmen over Watchmen: The Director's Cut. Running almost 25 minutes longer, the director's cut included the death of Nite Owl (a very notable sequence left out of the theatrical adaptation), alongside a handful of smaller additions that add perspective and clarification to plot and relationships.