'Suicide Squad' Clips: Deadshot, Katana, Amanda Waller And Enchantress Do Their Thing

We're quickly approaching the release of Suicide Squad and Warner Bros. is no longer being stingy with the footage. Not only have they released eight new clips from the film, they have released eight new clips that touch on characters, details, and plot points that have been specifically left out of the various teasers and trailers released so far. So yeah, please watch all of the clips below, if that is what you care to do (I did). But if you feel like you've seen enough and want to go in a little fresh and can happily wait another week and a half, feel free to opt out.

Okay! So you've decided to watch 'em. Happy to have you here. Let's start with the briefest clip and the only one to showcase Jared Leto's Joker. We saw glimpses of this moment in the trailers: step one in how a pale madman transformed his psychiatrist into a maniac. The relationship between Mr. J and Harley is unhealthy at the best of times, so I'm very curious how the film will depict this abusive dynamic (especially since comic book Harley is now a free-spirited solo act).

The second clip is another extension on a few beats we've seen in the previews: Joel Kinnaman's straitlaced military man Rick Flag lays out some ground rules for the squad of super villains he's leading. As Deadshot and company quickly learn, he's not a particularly inspiring leader.

This clip takes place shortly after the last one, with the team receiving their marching orders from Viola Davis' Amanda Waller. It's here that we learn that the squad is being sent to Midway City, one of the lesser known fictional cities in the DC Universe and the original home of Hawkman.

This clip introduces us to Cara Delevingne's June Moon, who just so happens to be possessed by an ancient being known as Enchantress. A thorough look through the previous trailers suggests that she is the cause of much of the devastation in the film, but as we see here, the United States government initially takes interest in her as an asset and ally.

All of the headlines have been about Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn, but let's not forget that Suicide Squad also stars one of the most famous actors in the world. This clip, which takes place before Deadshot is locked up, is a nice reminder that Will Smith is a movie star for a reason: he's pure charisma in human form, even when he's playing a thoroughly nasty assassin.

We've seen glimpses of this scene in the trailers: the squad gathers in a bar and it looks like their current predicament is troublesome enough to require some alcohol. A few members of the initial team line-up are conspicuously absent, which may be a clue about just how bad things have gotten.

While the trailers have offered glimpses of the icky supernatural threat that has invaded Midway City, this clip gives them a proper introduction. In short: they look like bad news.

The final clip offers us an introduction to Karen Fukuhara's Katana, who is a colleague of Rick Flag's (which explains her antipathy to Deadshot in the clip above). What's odd and fun about this scene is that Flag doesn't beat around the bush with introducing their new companion – she has a magic sword and that's that. 

Suicide Squad opens on August 5, 2016. Between the trailers and these clips, you have now seen about 8% of the movie.