LOL: A Baby Does The 'Rocky II' Training Montage, Will Knock You Out With Cuteness

"In anything that we want to go from just a beginner to a pro, you need a montage. Even Rocky had a montage." The lyrics from the Team America: World Police song (which actually originated on South Park) don't lie as every single Rocky film features a training montage where Sylvester Stallone is getting ready for the next big fight. It's something you just expect in every movie, and even Creed had their own variation on the sports drama trope.

Now an adorable home video shot by a presumably proud parent shows a young baby, who is literally a beginner at life, training to be a pro boxer just like Rocky Balboa in the cutest way possible. This baby knows every single part of the training montage from Rocky II and goes through every single motion just like he was training himself. It's delightful.

Watch how this baby does the Rocky 2 training montage after the jump.

Even though this is vertically shot video, the content is still worth suffering the poor format choice. From push-ups to sit-ups to simple air punches, this baby knows every single motion. And for being a young kid, he's got some swift moves.

My question is just how many times has this baby seen Rocky II in order to know this montage by heart. It's one thing to remember lines from a movie that you've seen dozens of times, something we all did as kids, but memorizing all these moves at a young age is quite an impressive feat. I hope Sylvester Stallone sees this and pays a visit to that baby.

If you're feeling like watching the Rocky II training montage by itself now, here you go: