'Ghostbusters 2' Honest Trailer: It's Seriously Exactly The Same As The First One But Way Worse

While there are plenty of fans claiming that the new Ghostbusters movie will ruin their childhood, most who haven't even seen the whole movie yet, it's a wonder that it wasn't already ruined. Because while the reboot is undoubtedly an attempt by Sony Pictures to cash in on the nostalgia and love for the original movie, Ghostbusters 2 already did that in 1989.

Just in time for the reboot to hit theaters this week, the Ghostbsuters 2 Honest Trailer shows that the sequel to the classic paranormal comedy is almost certainly worse than the reboot could be. Not even the presence of the original cast can make this one easy to swallow despite the fact that it's the exact same movie as the first one.

Here's the Ghostbusters 2 Honest Trailer from Screen Junkies:

Seriously, you probably never realized just how much of a carbon copy Ghostbusters 2 is of the original. The only difference is that the humor and style of the movie has been made a little more goofy and family friendly. This is largely because The Real Ghostbusters had become popular between the two movies, increasing the young fanbase. That's why Slimer is a little more prominent and does many more silly things, such as driving a bus.

At the end of the day, even if your childhood tells you otherwise, we have to accept that Ghostbusters 2 is a bad sequel. And if the reviews of the reboot are any indicator, at the very least Paul Feig's new take on the Ghostbusters will be funny and more inventive than Ghostbusters 2.