'Last Chance U' Trailer: Netflix Doc Series Takes A Look At The Grueling World Of College Football

Even though I'm not the biggest sports fan, as a cinephile, I usually love most sports dramas and documentaries. The filmmaker approach to sports offers a more interesting glimpse into the athletic world beyond scoring points and keeping stats, which is why I'm also fascinated by a series like Real Sports on HBO. Now Netflix is getting into the sports documentary game as well.

Last Chance U is a new six-part documentary series that takes a look behind the scenes of the world of college football. But rather than focusing on the larger, more controversial NCAA teams, this documentary shines a light on the players of a champion community college football team and all the struggles they endure while trying to achieve their dreams of playing at the next level.

Watch the Last Chance U trailer after the jump.

The series is inspired by the GQ article of the same name, focusing on East Mississippi Community College (EMCC), one of the most successful, lesser known athletic programs in the nation. But this college has spawned a good amount of professional athletes. Here's how the article that inspired the doc series is described:

Down in Mississippi, an unlikely NFL farm system is flourishing under the Thursday-night lights. You've never heard of the players, even the defensive end named Lyndon Baines Johnson Jr. You've never heard of the coaches, even the one who's a former prison guard. You've probably never even heard of the schools. But this community-college circuit of NCAA flameouts and disciplinary misfits has somehow produced a staggering number of Division I and pro athletes.

The documentary follows several different players with incredible athletic ability as they deal with the hand that life deals them on and off the field. Not only is this their last chance to make it to the next level of football, but this feels like their last chance at getting a decent education without costing them an arm and a leg. There's plenty of ups and downs throughout the season, and this series captures them all.

A gut-wrenching behind-the-scenes look at the world of college football. Inspired by the GQ article of the same name, Last Chance U follows the stories of elite athletes in tough life circumstances who struggle to find their redemption on a champion community college football team and hopefully realize their dreams of competing at the next level in this six-part documentary series.

Every episode of Last Chance U hits Netflix on July 29.