How Many People Did Batman Kill In 'Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice'?

One of the problems that some people had with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was the fact that Batman seemed to be a little too eager and willing to kill people without hesitation. The Dark Knight is known for showing restraint when it comes to dealing with criminals, almost always choosing to let the law deal with them instead of flat-out taking their lives. However, in Batman v Superman, the more grizzled, reckless take on the Caped Crusader just didn't seem to care. Now a new video runs through the Batman kill count from Batman v Superman. How many people do you think Batman killed? Place your bets.

Here's the Batman kill count from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice from Mr. Sunday Movies:

To be fair, a lot of these 21 deaths are assumed. First, it's not really fair to count the Knightmare sequence deaths since they're essentially hypothetical until they happen. In addition, there's also a chance some of those criminals in the cars survived but just ended up seriously injured. But Batman certainly isn't going out of his way to make sure that they're still alive after he's dispatched with them. To his credit, he still caused fewer deaths than Superman did in Man of Steel.

Honestly, Batman's careless behavior was one part of Batman v Superman that I wasn't all that upset by. This take on Batman is desperate, angry and has clearly lost his way. That's the whole reason for his character arc in the movie. It's out of character for what we expect from Batman, and that's the point. He needs to be brought back to a place where he's thinking more rationally and not just acting on blind anger.

The only thing I could have done without in this movie was Batman using guns so much like it wasn't against what the hero stands for in the comics. Sure, in the Knightmare sequence he's probably ready to stop at nothing to stop Superman and Darkseid from capturing him, but shouldn't he have plenty of gadgets at his disposal? That's one of the signature traits of Batman. Maybe he's even more desperate and without resources at that point in this possible future. But still, seeing Batman take down soldiers with an automatic weapon just didn't feel right at all.

How do you guys feel about the Batman kill count in Batman v Superman?