VOTD: Watch The Visual Parallels Of Marty's "Dreams" In The 'Back To The Future' Trilogy

From run-ins with Biff, to the use of phrases like "Great Scott" and "Whoa, this is heavy," it's no secret that there are plenty of gags that are reused throughout the entire Back to the Future trilogy. A new video puts all three of the films side-by-side and syncs up the sequences that see Marty McFly waking up after being knocked out in each of the movies. You might be surprised to see just how similar each sequence is, from the shot composition, to the musical cues and more.

Watch the Back to the Future scene comparison after the jump.

Davide Rapp (via One Perfect Shot) put together this cool little video that starts and stops the scenes in questions to match them up perfectly so all of the Marty McFlys wake up at the same time. It's as meticulously crafted as Doc Brown setting all of his clocks 25 minutes slow so their alarms all sounded at the same time. This is by no means a revelation, but seeing these scenes side-by-side together like this is really cool.

Now it would be great if someone could attempt to line up the similarities in the chase sequences that happen in the Hill Valley town square out in front of the clock tower. There are plenty of moments and shots from the sequels that emulate and repeat the sequence from the original movie, though there seems to be much more variance in those scene than the above sequences. Now it's probably time to go rewatch Back to the Future again, right?