Learn How A $200 Million Movie Budget Is Spent

In our reporting of movie news, we hear about the budgets of movies all the time. Usually it's only when a great movie cost surprisingly little to make or when a bad movie bombs at the box office cost hundreds of millions of dollars. But do you really understand how the money on a blockbuster film is spent?

A new video imagines a hypothetical $200 million blockbuster movie from the Hollywood system and breaks down just where all that money goes. Whether it's the multi-million dollar paycheck that one of the lead actors gets or the person responsible for coordinating all the product placement, this video lays out roughly how much every crew member on a major studio blockbuster would make.

Get a rundown of blockbuster movie budget spending after the jump.

Vanity Fair put this little video together, and they cleverly present it as if you're watching the end credits for a movie you just watched. You might be surprised to see just how little or even how much some of the actors make. It's also fascinating to see just how much some of the crew members make as well.

All the numbers were based on average union rates, so this isn't necessarily the norm on every blockbuster, just an approximation. There are plenty of times when the lead actor has a much bigger payday or more money is spent on visual effects. Plus, this doesn't include any non-human costs such as food, cars, and things of this nature, but it's fascinating to see how the money is spent on the people who make these movies.