VOTD: Today's Biggest Problems With Blockbuster Movies

It's no secret that blockbusters are the bread and butter of both movie theaters and studios during the summer. However, in recent years, blockbusters have started to wain in their creativity and originality. In addition, there are some frustrating business practices from Hollywood as an institution that have made some blockbuster franchises a little tough to swallow.

A new video runs through no less than 10 of the biggest problems that almost every blockbuster movie seems to have nowadays, from fake deaths to the concluding chapter being broken up into two movies. Some of them are just major studio problems, while others seem to be problems that plague Marvel Studios and other comic book franchises more than anything. Run through the countdown of blockbuster movie problems after the jump.

Here's The 10 Biggest Problems with Every Blockbuster Movie from ScreenRant:

The fake deaths are something that has gotten extremely frustrating, especially in comic book movies. Even though that's a trope in comic books that inspire the films, the extended contractual obligations that most actors take on in order to play the latest superhero really take the stakes away of seeing main characters bite the dust.

In addition, an abundance of computer generated visual effects that attempt to use spectacle in place of a compelling story. It doesn't help that sometimes these special effects don't look as good as they should in studio financed blockbusters, but this is especially annoying when these special effects appear in sequels of movies that had far more impressive practical effects a decade or two earlier. Independence Day: Resurgence seems to be the latest victim of this issue, but hopefully the movie has something more to offer than computer generated destruction.

Which of these blockbuster trends is most frustrating to you?