How Badly Do You Want This 'Game Of Thrones' Doorstop Featuring The Loyal Hodor?

The recent Game of Thrones episode "The Door" was simultaneously a gamechanger. Some fans are exciting about the mind-blowing revelation that came from the episode which also gave us an origin story for the character Hodor, who can only speak his own name in different inflections. Others weren't pleased with what the events of the episode mean for the future. We'll leave any spoiler details about this episode until after the jump, but for those in the know, this recently revealed Hodor doorstop is something Game of Thrones fans will want to use in their home.

Here's some images of the Hodor doostrop from Tony Wang's Kickstarter page:

Hodor Doorstop

As of now, this is a Kickstarter project that Wang is hoping will result in the manufacture of a 6" Hodor doorstop that will work as a real doorstop and recreates the iconic scene where the character sacrifices his own life in order to save Bran in the climax of the episode.

The Kickstarter was seeking to raise $5,000 to see this project become a reality, and they've already raised nearly $62,000. Fans can pledge $37 to the project to receive their own. However, the creators haven't gotten the licensing rights to Game of Thrones yet, so this might not work out. But they're quite serious about getting it made, hiring multiple designers to make it happen, so hopefully their dedication pays off.

If HBO decides to not approve the licensing or they just shut the project down, everyone will get a refund. We're hoping they'll let this happen though, because it's one of the cooler more clever pieces of merchandise that would come from Game of Thrones.