Listen: This Remix Sets J.K. Simmons' 'Whiplash' Insults To Some Fresh Beats

Even though Whiplash came out back in 2014, it's one of those movies that it doesn't hurt to talk about every so often simply because it's so damn good. One thing that makes the movie so outstanding is the incredible jazz soundtrack. But not everyone is a fan of the orchestral musical style, so Eclectic Method's Johnny Wilson and 16-year-old DJ/producer Genranon decided to take the jazz, pump some high energy electronic music into it. The real catchy part comes from J.K. Simmons' dialogue being remixed into the music as well, including all the yelling about rushing and dragging.

Listen to the Whiplash remix tune after the jump.

Here's the remixed track titled "Whiplashup" from the Eclectic Method YouTube (via The AV Club):

This is undoubtedly obnoxious and it totally ruins the beauty of the jazz soundtrack, but it's also pretty catchy and it's hard not to tap your foot to it just the same. Thankfully, the creators are self-aware enough to know that they are totally disrespecting jazz as the video description reads:

"In true respect to jazz this is one of those rare electronic tunes that goes through multiple keys in a 2-5-1 chord progression in 5/8 time signature...... Only joking it's a 4 to the floor smasher totally disrespectful to jazz as a whole but totally in keeping with the yelling rage of band leader Terence Fletcher. The modern classic that won 3 Oscars and was nominated for 5 has been cutup, rejiggled and made into a dance floor DJ friendly remix by Genranon and Eclectic Method."

If you haven't seen Whiplash, do yourself a favor and watch it as soon as possible. You will not be disappointed.