Did You Know These Six Characters Were Written As Insults To Real People?

Writers take inspiration from everything around them. Whether it's characters, conversations, stories or anything that you find in a screenplay, there's a good chance those elements are shaped and informed by something that happened in any given screenwriter's life. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that some of the bad guys we've seen in movies were inspired by real life jerks. But a new video rounds up some specific examples of characters that you may not have known were written as insults, whether it's to people, or an entire corporation.

Watch the video running six characters written as insults after the jump.

Here's 6 Famous Characters That Are Secretly Insults from the folks at Cracked:

It's interesting that Biff Tannen was based on a film producer that Robert Zemeckis knew who yelled at him. That character always seemed like too well-developed of a douchebag to not be based on a real person. Ned Tanen has since passed away, but I wonder how he felt about being immortalized in this way. To be fair, even if Biff was inspired by Ned Tanen, it's Tom F. Wilson who really made that character an unforgettable a**hole. Unfortunately, he was so great that playing Biff is about the only thing he has become known for, even though he's a touring comedian now.

Zemeckis also previously revealed that the alternate 1985 version of Biff from Back to the Future Part II was inspired by Donald Trump. That's just more evidence of writer's using the people and places around them as inspiration for their movies, and it's probably a good reason not to cross anyone who might write stories later in life. You never know when you'll be placed in pop culture as a complete schmuck.