UPDATED: ABC, FOX, NBC And CBS Canceled A Bunch Of TV Shows: 'The Muppets', 'Castle' & More

UPDATE: Rush Hour has also been canceled at CBS. The list of other canceled shows at ABC, FOX, NBC and CBS can still be found after the jump.

ABC recently decided that Agent Carter wouldn't be reporting for duty in a third season of the Marvel Studios television show, and they're not pursuing Marvel's Most Wanted as a new series either. But that was just the tip of the iceberg of ABC's cancellations. NBC, CBS and FOX also gave the axe to some of their shows.

ABC put the hammer down on The Muppets and took out Nathan Fillion's Castle as well. Meanwhile Fox knocked out a bunch of their freshmen comedies, including The Grinder, NBC cut their live sitcom Undateable and CBS took out the last remnants of CSI at the network. Get all the details on the 2016 canceled TV shows after the jump.

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The Muppets

This decision doesn't come as a surprise since the show was being retooled while it was on the air. When the show returned after the midseason it had changed direction a bit thanks to new showrunners. But apparently that wasn't enough to pull in decent enough ratings to stick around on the air.


Some surprising news for Castle fans came not too long ago when female lead Stana Katic and co-star Tamala Jones were set to be let go from the show in order to cut costs. Fans were not happy, many pledging that they wouldn't watch what would have been the ninth season of the show, even though star Nathan Fillion had already been set to return with a new one-year deal. It sounds like that was enough to convince the network to just let the show be done. The series finale will air on May 16th.


After four seasons, the country music based show is coming to an end. Hayden Panettiere and Connie Britton as dueling country music stars has started to wane in popularity, coming in third place in its 10pm timeslot after ABC's comedy line-up gives them a decent lead-in. The series finale will air on May 25.


The musical comedy series miraculously got a second season, so a third season would have been mind-blowing. But ABC made the expected decision of canceling the fun fantasy musical series that had some great talent aboard and fantastic music it for its short run.

The Family

The drama starring Joan Allen didn't make the cut even though the DVR numbers helped bring the viewership up a little bit. Unfortunately it just wasn't enough to give the show a second season.

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The Grinder

Even though the comedy series was one of the better reviewed freshman shows of the season, it wasn't enough to keep the show alive. Fox was considering renewing The Grinder or Grandfathered, but neither impressed them with what was in store for the second season. Speaking of which...


Despite the charm of John Stamos and stronger ratings than The Grinder, the show just didn't stand strong enough in viewership or look promising enough in its plans for a second season to justify a renewal. But surely Stamos will find something else to try on TV pretty easily.


This marks the first animated series by Seth MacFarlane not to get a second season on the Fox network. The show was presumed dead long ago, so any word of renewal would have been a big shock.

Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life

The new comedy series was not pulling in ratings, and after Fox moved it around to less popular time slots, there was no way it was going to survive the cuts before next season.



The new family comedy series starring Patrick Warburton, Carrie Preston, Mia Serafino and Miranda Cosgrove has already been canceled after premiering back in March. The debut in the spring wasn't a good sign and NBC put it out of its misery.


The multi-camera sitcom found new life by bringing a real live audience into the equation for the show, but now that second life has come to an end. Chris D'Elia will just have to go back to stand-up and frat parties.


Eva Longoria's attempt at straight-up comedy garnered decent reviews, but it didn't become the fast success that Superstore did, despite premiering at the same time. It's a bummer for diversity on the TV line-up, but the ratings didn't show a big enough audience.


The hour long medical dramedy didn't find strong enough footing to become one of NBC's hits, and now it's flatlined. Sorry for the pun. Before it got a midseason premiere, it had a preview after The Voice, but it didn't help the show find a crowd.

Game of Silence

Finally, this is a crime drama that I had never heard of until it was canceled, which might explain why NBC decided to can it. The show is only seven episodes into its freshman run and now it's dead.

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CSI: Cyber

The CSI franchise has finally come to an end on CBS, leaving only a bunch of other shows everyone's parents will still have on in the background while they do crossword puzzles and play with grandkids. After just two seasons, CSI: Cyber has been canceled, ending the television universe that once included the most-watched show in the world.

Rush Hour

After just one season, the TV series adaptation of Brett Ratner's action comedy film franchise just wasn't enticing enough for audiences to tune in. Justin Hires and Jon Foo just couldn't round up a crowd the same way Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan did.

Additional details come courtesy of Variety, The Wrap and Deadline.