LOL: Dana Carvey Brings Church Lady Back To 'Saturday Night Live' For An Election Chat

Whether you're a Democrat, Republican or anything in between, I think we can all agree that this election season has been an absolute nightmare. But don't worry, because there's only six more months of hell to endure before we elect a new president. Usually Saturday Night Live helps make this process easier to swallow by giving us some laughs to go along with the politics, but this year the election has been so ridiculous that the truly quality political satire sketches have been few and far between, simply because they can't be more outlandish than the real election.

However, last night Saturday Night Live rounded up a classic character to bring some solid political satire to the table by having Dana Carvey return as his famous character the Church Lady. She starts off by taking some jabs at the sinful fashions on display at the Met Gala, but then she brings on guests Ted Cruz (played by Taran Killam) and Donal Trump (played by Darrell Hammond) and chastises them in exactly the way you would expect.

Watch the new Church Lady sketch from this weekend's Saturday Night Live after the jump.

It's been over five years since Church Lady was revived on Saturday Night Live. The last time the character made a comeback was when Dana Carvey came back to host during the 36th season. She wasn't included in the 40th anniversary special, mostly because there was already so much going on, so it was nice to have Church Chat back at SNL.

This particular sketch only focuses on Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump for parody, though there is a decent dig at Bernie Sanders in the beginning. That might seem like SNL just being more liberal friendly as usual, but there was far more significant and exciting activity on the Republican side of the presidential race this year, that's understandable. Ted Cruz dropped out of the race, was actually called Lucifer by Speaker of the House John Boehner, making Donald Trump the presumed Republican candidate for president.

Since most of the political satire cold opens this season have been pretty bad, this was a great way to do some decent comedy, especially since Church Lady's angle in this recurring fictional sketch show has been to find godless evil in every single celebrity out there. While I admit it would have been nice to see Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders feel the heat of hell cast upon them from Church Lady, this was still something fun to see happen.

Our full review of the entire episode of Saturday Night Live hosted by Oscar-winning Room star Brie Larson will be coming later today so stay tuned.