'Game Of Thrones' Honest Trailer Tackles The Fourth And Fifth Seasons

Now that we're fresh off the sixth season premiere for Game of Thrones, hopefully enough people are caught up on the fifth season of the show to partake in the riffing that happens in the recent Honest Trailers skewering of the popular HBO fantasy series. The latest Game of Thrones Honest Trailer sets its sights on the fourth and fifth seasons of the show that "used violence and boobs to trick non-nerds into liking fantasy." Obviously, beware of spoilers for the previous two seasons of the show.

Here's the second volume of theĀ  Game of Thrones Honest Trailer from Screen Junkies:

There's no denying that as Game of Thrones has gotten popular, the show has been able to really amp up the fantasy elements of the show so that they look more like heavy metal album artwork. From the White Walkers, to giants, to mammoths and dragons, the fantasy creature department has really turned into something impressive on the show.

There is something very appealing about watching a show where anybody and everybody can die. Though it's simultaneously depressing, it does make the stakes of nearly pretty much every episode very high. Even leading characters aren't safe from the wrath of death. That's mostly thanks to author George R.R. Martin, but now that we're venturing into uncharted territory in the books, maybe fans will start throwing shade at the showrunners instead so that Martin can concentrate on finishing the books.

If you haven't watch the first volume of Game of Thrones Honest Trailer yet, you can watch it right here.