'Keanu' Alamo Drafthouse PSA Pits Key Against Peele

When Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele announced the end of their Comedy Central show Key and Peele last year, the official line was that they just wanted to move on to other things. But maybe the real reason for their professional breakup was something much more sinister. Maybe their relationship was irreparably damaged when it turned out one of them is – gasp! — a theater texter, while the other one just wants to be left alone to watch his movies in peace.

Well, probably not. But the two do find themselves hilariously at odds in a new "Don't Talk" PSA from the Alamo Drafthouse. Which they recorded to promote their new movie together, Keanu. So yes, you can breathe a sigh of relief, they haven't really turned against each other after all. Watch the Keanu Alamo Drafthouse PSA after the jump. 

Key and Peele are always great together, and here they offer a sort of Goofus-and-Gallant act, with Key serving as a shining example of everything you're not supposed to do in the theater while Peele grumbles and moans next to him. Then things take a turn for the slightly surreal.

It's all very funny and endearing, but my main complaint about this "Don't Talk" PSA is the same one I have about almost all of the Keanu marketing: too much human, not enough cat. Because look, I love Key and Peele as much as the next person, but I love that cat more. And if we're being really honest, I'm starting to resent all the human actors involved in this production for taking up precious time that would be better spent on cats. Yeah, if you were wondering who that all-kitten parody trailer was for, the answer is that it's for people like me.

Keanu – which despite its title is less a story about a cat named Keanu than it is a story about two humans, neither of whom are named Keanu — opens April 29.