VOTD: Did You Catch These More Obscure Comic Book Movie Easter Eggs?

Even though the phrase "superhero fatigue" is getting thrown around a lot, and some people have expressed their distaste for the popular genre of films in general, the box office numbers and fanbases are enough to prove that concept wrong. We're living in a golden age of superhero movies, and while not all of them are outstanding, they've never been better or more beloved by general audiences then they are now.

But that doesn't mean there still aren't references in comic book movies that are only made for the most hardcore fans to understand. See if you picked up on some of these more obscure superhero movie Easter eggs in films like Superman: The Movie, Spider-Man 2, The Dark Knight and more.

Here's 10 superhero Easter eggs you might have missed from ScreenRant:

Honestly, some of these aren't nearly as "hidden" as the video would suggest. That Doctor Strange one is pretty obvious. But at the same time, that reference back in 2004 probably wouldn't have been understood be anywhere near as many viewers as it would be today. Now that a Doctor Strange movie is coming this fall (watch the teaser trailer right here), the Sorcerer Supreme is about to become a household name.

My favorite Easter egg from this list comes from Superman: The Movie. I had no idea that the parents of a young Lois Lane, who noticed teenage Clark Kent speeding alongside a train, were played by Kirk Alyn and Noel Neill, who played Superman and Lois Lane in the old 1940s short film serial. Those kind of references continue today as Dean Cain and Helen Slater play Kara Zor-El's foster parents. Cain played Superman in the series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman while Slater played Supergirl in the 1984 film adaptation.