LOL: This Popcorn Helmet Is Hands Free, Will Ruin Movies For Everyone Else

Most people like having a tasty snack when they go to the movies. That's why movie theater chains charge an arm and a leg for M&M's, nachos, pretzels and the classic movie snack popcorn. Even at home people like popping their own popcorn to enjoy a flick from the comfort of their own couch. The only downside is you get your hands all salty and buttery, and who has the time for napkins, washing hands or being a decent human being?

That's why Mythbusters co-host Adam Savage teamed up with Swedish inventor Simone Giertz to create a popcorn helmet that automatically dispenses popcorn and feeds it into your mouth. After all, you're trying to watch a movie, you don't have time to feed yourself with the hands you were born with, right?

See the popcorn helmet in action after the jump.

Here's the finished popcorn helmet created for the Tested YouTube channel:

If you want to see how they put it all together, here's a detailed video of the process:

Obviously, this is just something fun for Giertz and Savage to work on. Even though having a helmet like this would be fun at a sporting event, it's far too noisy to take to a movie theater, and it would probably block a bit of someone's view behind you as well.

Even sitting at home with this on your head seems a little too disruptive. Plus, the benefit you get from not using your hands to eat the popcorn is offset by the fact that half of it ends up in your lap. Maybe if you could control when the popcorn hits your mouth, that would be better. Or maybe we could all just stop being lazy. Yeah, let's do that.