See 'Batman V Superman' Shots Before & After VFX

Whether or not you had problems with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it's hard to deny the visual spectacle that was on screen. If there's one thing that Zack Snyder knows how to do, it's shoot a very beautiful movie with some frames lifted straight from the pages of comics. Perhaps even more impressive is that a lot of these beautiful shots are created almost entirely with visual effects.

A series of Batman v Superman visual effects shots have made their way online, showing how nearly a dozen shots looked before and after any digital effects were added. You might be surprised to see that in some scenes, armored Batman was added in post-production opposite a real Superman, and sometimes the Man of Steel's cape was entirely digital as well See the photos below!

The Batman v Superman visual effects shots were compiled in this video from CGMeetUp:

Previously Zack Snyder talked about how the meeting of Batman and Superman allowed for a lot more practical effects to counter all the digital work that had to be done with Superman. He told Empire (in the print edition):

"It has been really fun using Batman as the answer to Superman, because he's not flying around and acting crazy. He's just driving around in his Batmobile, doing his Batstuff. We were able to do a lot of this practically. Batman brings that back. Figuring out how to mix Batman's practical approach with Superman has been an awesome experience."

However, in these photos from the visual effects company MPC (the company behind The Martian visual effects and more), there seems to be a lot of green screen. But to be fair, they're all shots that involve Superman, so visual effects were definitely needed. At the same time, it seems like maybe there could have been a little more practical set pieces to make the movie feel a little more tangible. But this is just the way of movie making in blockbusters nowadays.

The visual effects that created a digital armored Batman definitely deserve some praise, because I had no idea that some of the shots featured didn't have Ben Affleck actually in the metal suit. Though I suppose this shouldn't be surprising since they do the same with Robert Downey Jr. in the Iron Man suit in the Marvel cinematic universe.

Hopefully we'll get a better look at the visual effects after the movie has been in theaters for a little longer, because I'd like to see a more in depth visual effects breakdown beyond these photos