One Fan Has Built A Life-Size AT-ST From 'Return Of The Jedi' And It's Pretty Great

There are plenty of Star Wars fans out there who have made their own custom lightsabers, blasters, Jedi robes, LEGO sets, action figures, and countless more creations. But one fan has put them all to shame by building a life-size AT-ST (or All Terrain Scout Transport) from Return of the Jedi in his backyard. Thankfully, he doesn't live in an area where Ewoks have smashed its head with a couple swinging logs, so it's still standing strong, despite the fact that the Empire has fallen.

Check out the life-size AT-ST after the jump.

Here's a video of the custom AT-ST from a fan named Mr. Kernish (via The Verge):

Mr. Kernish isn't the man who created this AT-ST though. He's just a fan who posted some far away shots of this life-size creation when he spotted it while he was doing some work nearby. Some photos appeared on Imgur about eight months ago, and then a couple months after that, he got the courage to actually ask the creator if he could get a closer look.

The creator preferred not to be identified, so Mr. Kernish has called him "Kuat", named after the planet where the Galactic Empire produces most of their vehicles, from Star Destroyers to ground transports like the AT-ST. Yeah, that's some deep Star Wars knowledge right there.

As you can see in the video, the turrets move and some laser sounds can be heard, powered by a couple of solar panels on the entry door at the top. Inside you'll find a bunch of circuitry, red light bulbs that shine when the eye shutters are closed, and even a lightsaber for some reason. And just in case building a life-size AT-ST wasn't enough to prove that "Kuat" was a huge Star Wars fan, he has a custom plate on the creation that identifies it at "Tempest Scout 2", which is the specific AT-ST that Chewbacca hijacks during the Battle of Endor.

What I like most about this is that "Kuat" built this just for himself and didn't go broadcasting it on the internet himself. He just wanted to build an AT-ST in his backyard. More power to him. Maybe a life-size AT-AT will be next?