A 'Star Wars' Animated Character Might've Appeared In A Live-Action Star Wars Movie?

When Disney bought Lucasfilm and unified Star Wars canon across all storytelling mediums, it created the possibility of characters introduced in the books, televisions shows and video games crossing over into the live-action big screen movies. And Star Wars Rebels producers Simon Kinberg and Dave Filoni have both expressed interest in that possibility in previous interviews. But it turns out that one of the characters created for the Star Wars animated series might have already appeared in a live-action Star Wars film. Filoni talked about the possibility at the world premiere of the Star Wars Rebels season two finale (no spoilers for that episode, I promise). Learn the details after the jump.

Captain Rex

After the premiere screening of the Star Wars Rebels season two finale, executive producer Dave Filoni was being very cagey about confirming details about the future of the series and what might happen to various characters. But one character he was happy to talk about was Captain Rex, a Clone Trooper who was introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and has appeared in this season of Star Wars Rebels:

The one thing that I have toyed with and we'll see how I feel about this, this is probably a spoiler, Carrie Beck, but I gotta give them something.  I've said absolutely nothing today.  And my wife's like yeah, it's just like being home.  But I think the one thing I have really thought about is I really do think that Rex is that guy on Endor.  I really do.  Why else is there a bearded old guy on Endor, Tano?  Why?  It makes no sense.  If you don't want that to happen, do you know what that means?  I'm gonna make that happen.  I'm getting like Palpatine, I'm getting power crazy.

And just to note (spoilers), Filoni means this would confirm that Rex survives the Star Wars animated series and lives during the New Hope era of the Star Wars timeline.

Old guy, Return of the Jedi

Since Captain Rex was introduced in Star Wars Rebels season two, a couple fan theories have popped up suggesting that Rex might be the old rebel trooper who was part of Han Solo's raiding party on Endor in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. The former Imperial Army captain has had his order 66 brainwashing chip removed and is now helping the Rebellion in their fight against the Empire.

The timeline is such that Return of the Jedi takes place only 7-9 years after the events of the second season of Star Wars Rebels, so it's entirely possible. The fan theories have presented story evidence such as "as a commander of the celebrated 501st Legion, Rex was sent on various missions during the Clone Wars that involved acquiring technology for the Death Star" which "would have made him invaluable to the Rebellion's efforts to destroy the super weapon." This could explain why he would be there helping to disable the Shield Generators on the moon of Endor.

And now it seems like Rebels creator Dave Filoni is considering this as the possible end goal for the character, which is kind of cool even if its just a retcon of old material from the original trilogy. But just because Filoni thinks that is Captain Rex in Return of the Jedi doesn't make it so, although the Star Wars Rebels showrunner certainly has the power to change Star Wars canon.

Captain Rex in Return of the Jedi

Or could Filoni actually be making a joke about Wilford Brimley's character Noa Briqualon from the Ewoks: Battle For Endor television movie? The character is also a bearded old man and former scout who, after crashing his star cruiser on Endor, spent decades living as a hermit on the surface of the forested moon. You can watch a trailer for the EWOKS movie below: