'The Walk' VFX Breakdown: How The Twin Towers Were Brought Back To NYC

Hot on the heels of a visual effects reel that showed how pretty much an entire city was created in post-production for Deadpool, the geniuses at the digital effects company Atomic Fiction have revealed another showcase of even more impressive work. This time a visual effects reel takes a look at how the company created the crux of Robert Zemeckis' vertigo-inducing true story The Walk.

See how the now-fallen Twin Towers of New York City (and basically the city itself as seen from on top of the buildings) were recreated pretty much entirely with visual effects so that Joseph Gordon-Levitt could appear to be suspended between them on a high wire.

Watch The Walk VFX breakdown after the jump.

Here's The Walk VFX breakdown from Atomic Fiction:

The breakdown, which has commentary that explains what you're seeing, provides plenty of insight, including talk about Simulcam. That's the tool that allows a director like Zemeckis to see how the incomplete visual effects will be situated in the shot that he's filming on set in real time. That way the filmmaker and actors know basically how the shot will look when it's finished.

What's super impressive is that these visual effects were achieved for a film that only had a $35 million budget. That's a lot of money, but not for a film that requires such extensive visual effects, especially when they're created from scratch. Even Deadpool had nearly $60 million to work with for their budget. So while The Walk itself may have been somewhat forgettable, these visual effects are still extremely impressive.