How Many LEGO Bricks Would It Take To Build The Millennium Falcon And Other Sci-Fi Staples? [Infographic]

If you keep up regularly with /Film, then you know we're pretty big LEGO fans, especially when it comes to sets that are inspired by our favorite movies and TV shows. Whether it's official sets like the forthcoming Echo Base playset from The Empire Strikes Back or custom sets like this transforming Optimus Prime set. But have you ever wondered how many bricks it would take to make lifesize LEGO versions of some of the most iconic sci-fi weapons and vehicles?

Well, even if you haven't wondered how many LEGO bricks it would take to make a full size Millennium Falcon or Ecto-1, someone took the time to figure it out, and they laid out their results in a cool infographic.

Here's the infographic that shows how many LEGO bricks it would take to build sci-fi superstructures:

The infographic comes from Ebates, and they explain how they came up with these numbers:

[LEGO Expert] Matija Puzar also alerted us to some real-life LEGO creations to help us with our equations. A man in Austin, Texas, actually built his own fully functional LEGO R2D2 using 16,000 bricks along with a steel frame and a motor from a remote control plane. Our master builder also pointed us in the direction of an actual, working car that was built entirely out of LEGO. Although he was quick to remind us that the plastic LEGO bricks wouldn't "fancy the temperatures around the engine," that didn't deter us! Using the real LEGO car as a basis of comparison, we were able to determine that it would take 573,314 LEGO to build and travel through time with the flying Delorean from "Back to the Future Part 2" and 955,200 LEGO to build and bust ghosts in the Ghostbusters' Ecto-1. Our master builder also had a friend who built a life-size Tardis from "Doctor Who" with 150,000 LEGO. But, of course, that number would go way up if you built the inside to scale as well.

Even though there is some logic to go with these calculations, it would be pretty difficult to determine just how many bricks it would take to build a lot of these structures without actually doing it. So in the end the numbers seem pretty arbitrary, despite having some other life-size creations as a point of comparison. But maybe some day someone will build a lifesize LEGO Millennium Falcon and we'll have a real answer.