'Ghostbusters' International Trailer Features Tons Of New Footage, Finally Lets Chris Hemsworth Talk

Chris Hemsworth may be an internationally beloved star of a multi-billion dollar franchise, but you wouldn't know it from the first Ghostbusters trailer. He shows up looking pretty for a shot or two, and then disappears before he even gets a line in. We imagine he'll have much, much more to do in the movie itself, but for now it's an amusing inversion of the usual action movie trailer dynamic, in which you'll see male heroes running around kicking ass while female leads are reduced to simple eye candy.

But like we said, Chris Hemsworth is an internationally beloved star. And that means he's a real asset when it comes to selling this movie to overseas audiences. So naturally, he has a far bigger role to play in the new Ghostbusters international trailer. Which means, yes, it features tons of new footage, Hemsworth-centric and otherwise. Check it out after the jump. 

Sony Pictures Releasing Australia posted the new Ghostbusters international trailer.

One of the common complaints about the original trailer was that it was more interested in checking off obligatory references than in cracking new jokes, but the new trailer offers a much better sense of the film's humor. The last scene with Kevin (Hemsworth) pitching logos for the lady Ghostbusters is particularly silly. There's also footage of a certain concert scene we heard about a while back, and a shot of what looks like an updated version of that colander helmet from the original Ghostbusters.

We already knew Kristen WiigMelissa McCarthyLeslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon could be funny, but Hemsworth's also got a comedic streak we don't see nearly enough of. He was charming in Cabin in the Woods and very game in Vacation, and some of the best parts of Thor are the ones that let him just sit back and indulge in the character's cheerful, laid-back, surfer-bro-by-way-of-Asgard vibe. Ghostbusters could be the best showcase yet for his funny side. Oh, and thank goodness they let him keep his Aussie accent in this one. If you've seen Blackhat or In the Heart of the Sea, it's pretty clear American accents aren't his strong suit.

Directed by Paul FeigGhostbusters arrives July 15, 2016.