'The Walking Dead' Honest Trailer: Seasons 4-6 Have A Staggering Amount Of Actual Walking

This past weekend, The Walking Dead returned to AMC to finish out the sixth season of the hit zombie drama series that will apparently continue until the end of time. So what better time to deliver another round of The Walking Dead Honest Trailer, this time focusing on everything from the fourth season up until the midseason of the sixth season. I'm not sure why they wouldn't just wait until the end of the sixth season, but whatever. Be prepared for a staggering amount of walking and pretty much the same story told for six seasons in a row. And obviously, beware of spoilers as well.

Here's The Walking Dead Honest Trailer for seasons four through six from Screen Junkies:

You know, even though The Walking Dead has had the same basic storyline of a safe haven eventually getting destroyed, the show has still kept up the quality for the most part. But there does seem to be an exorbitant amount of walking for these past two and a half seasons, not to mention a lot of filler for a show that doesn't run a full 22 episodes. But at least when The Walking Dead is good, it's really good.

For me, the best part of this edition of The Walking Dead Honest Trailer is the skewering of Talking Dead, a superfluous show with not much insight to offer other than more programming for AMC to easily make money off of advertising. But as long as that keeps Rick yelling "CORAL!" then I suppose that's just fine.

If you happened to miss the first round of The Walking Dead Honest Trailer tackling the first three seasons, you can watch that over here.