The Other 'Deadpool' Post-Credits Sequence Teases A Major Addition To The X-Men Universe

Despite the fact that Deadpool doesn't officially open for another two days, plenty of people have already seen it. Critics began posting their reviews over the weekend, and fans treated to sneak previews were sharing their excited reactions even before that. Still, as we reported earlier this week, there was one major detail missing from those early screenings: the second post-credits sequence.

The good, right, Professor X-approved thing to do here would be to buy a ticket to see Deadpool in theaters this weekend, and see the scene in its proper context. But Deadpool probably wouldn't be the kind of guy to resist getting the dirty details in advance, and if you can't either we've got them after the jump. (And then you should still buy a ticket to see Deadpool in theaters this weekend, because it's really fun and even better with an enthusiastic crowd.) Here's a little clue: it teases the addition of a major new character to the X-Men cinematic universe. 

The second Deadpool post-credits scene hasn't officially been released. But internet gonna internet, and so a leaked version has been making the rounds online. The videos are getting pulled down as quickly as the pirates can put them up, but they've been up long enough for people to check them out and report back on what's inside. Spoilers follow for Deadpool and its post-credits sequences, as if that weren't obvious.

The first Deadpool post-credits scene takes the form of a Ferris Bueller parody. Deadpool, sporting a striped bathrobe, makes a snarky reference to the Marvel Cinematic Universe's habit of setting up future films in the credits: "What were you expecting? Sam Jackson in an eyepatch?" And then the second Deadpool post-credits scene, according to ScreenCrush, proceeds to take a page out of the MCU playbook by... setting up future films in the credits.

No, Sam Jackson doesn't show up in an eyepatch. What we will see is Deadpool returning to tell the audience, "Oh, I can tell you one thing, but it's a bit of a secret." That "one thing" turns out to be that Cable will show up in Deadpool 2 — though what form he'll take is still unclear. Deadpool's casting suggestions include Mel Gibson, Dolph Lundgren, and Keira Knightley.

The notion of Cable showing up in a future Deadpool film shouldn't exactly come as a surprise, and not just because the character is so strongly associated with the Merc in the comics. Back in August Deadpool director Tim Miller all but confirmed Cable would be part of a (then purely theoretical) Deadpool sequel. "There aren't really many definitive Deadpool villains, apart from Cable," he said. "If we don't put Cable in Deadpool 2 I think we'll be run out of town on a rail."

Meanwhile, star Ryan Reynolds has been running his merc mouth about a potential X-Force movie, calling it a "priority" for him. Cable is the original leader of the X-Force team in the comics. Deadpool has been a member of X-Force in the past, as have Colossus (who is a supporting character in Deadpool) and Psylocke (who makes her big-screen debut in X-Men: Apocalypse. So of course the plan is to put Cable in Deadpool 2 — and probably, presumably, eventually, X-Force. It's just nice to get real confirmation.

Cable is the creation of Rob Liefeld and Louise Simonson – the former of whom also created Deadpool, with Fabien Nicienza. Born Nathan Summers, Cable is the son of Scott Summers (a.k.a. Cyclops) and Madelyne Pryor (who is the clone of Jean Grey, because comics). He hails from the future, and has several mutant abilities including telepathy and telekinesis. He is a cyborg, thanks to a techno-organic virus that left him with cybernetic body parts like his arm and his eye.

Deadpool hits theaters February 12.