'Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World' Honest Trailer Picks Apart Two Hours Of Pure Nerd Wish Fulfillment

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, the Honest Trailers team is taking on one of the internet's favorite love stories: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. And it will probably not surprise you too much to discover that, like so many other movie romances we hold near and dear to our hearts, it completely falls apart under a bit of real-world scrutiny.

Or, in the blunt words of the Honest Trailer narrator, that it's "two hours of pure nerd wish-fullfillment" in which every character but Knives is secretly "a horrible garbage person." But hey, they do really love Edgar Wright's slick, video game-inspired style. Watch the Scott Pilgrim Honest Trailer after the jump. 

The narrator seems awfully upset that Scott ends up with Ramona, not his favorite character Knives at the end of the movie. "What was the point of it all, then?!" he exclaims. "Be jealous and violent and chase after a toxic relationship, even when true love is staring you right in the face?" But I've got a slightly different take on that ending: thank God Scott doesn't end up with Knives, because she deserves better than a lazy man-child who creeps on high school kids. At least Ramona's old enough to know exactly what she's getting herself into.

Depending on your perspective, you can see Scott Pilgrim as the story of one man's noble quest to win the heart of the woman he loves — or you can see it, as Honest Trailers does, as the story of a guy who wins his crush "like a human sex trophy," by "killing people, cheating on his girlfriend, and being such an all-around d-bag [that] his opposite is a really nice guy." That said, they are able to understand the appeal of the movie:

Indulge in two hours of pure nerd wish-fulfillment, where a guy with no personality, the face of a toddler, and the body of a stretched-out toddler hooks up with tons of girls, kicks Captain America's ass, makes a lesbian orgasm to death, and plays DDR with underaged Asian schoolgirls who are obsessed with him. Man, no wonder the internet loves this movie.

In fairness, there's a lot more to Scott Pilgrim than its whiny lead. The characters may be horrible people, but they're also really, really fun, and that cast is aces. (Kieran Culkin's Wallace is a personal favorite, though I also adore Chris Evans as Lucas Lee.) And Wright gives the whole thing a candy-colored look and a sugar-rush energy that make it feel like nothing else in movies — or video games or comics, for that matter. Okay, so it's a little weird as a love story. But it's still pretty great as a visual spectacle.