'Amy' Director Asif Kapadia Teams With Martin Scorsese For 'Silver Ghost'

Fresh off the debut of his latest feature, Ali & Nino, at the Sundance Film Festival, Amy and Senna director Asif Kapadia is getting the pieces in place for his next project. And it sounds like a good one: Kapadia is teaming up with Martin Scorsese for Silver Ghost, which will chronicle the true history behind the Rolls-Royce cars.

THR reports Kapadia will direct Silver Ghost, while Scorsese will produce. Also producing is Anthony Haas, who developed the project with the late Richard Attenborough. The film will follow the brilliant partnership between two different men, Charles Royce and Henry Royce, along with a parallel storyline involving a romance.

Said Kapadia:

What struck me when I read Silver Ghost was how this true story weaves together the lives of five remarkable people that changed the destiny of the Western world, and I am delighted to be working together with the legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese and Anthony Haas to bring it to the screen.

Added Scorsese:

I've been captivated by the story of Silver Ghost ever since Lord Richard Attenborough came to me with the project, and I'm thrilled that we're going to be seeing it through. It's a project that requires a great and innovative storyteller, and that's exactly what we have with Asif Kapadia.

Rolls and Royce met at the turn of the 20th century and unveiled the first Rolls-Royce car in late 1904. Their vehicles quickly gained a reputation around the world for quality and reliability. However, the partnership was cut short when Rolls, an aviation pioneer, became the first Briton to die in an aeronautical crash in 1910.

As for the romantic storyline, we learned back in 2012 that the film would also follow "the love affairs of the famed Beaulieu family." That probably refers to the passionate relationship between John Douglas-Scott-Montagu, 2nd Baron Montagu of Beaulieu, and his mistress Eleanor Velasco Thornton, who served as the model for the iconic Rolls-Royce hood ornament of a flying lady.

Kapadia is probably best known for his documentaries Senna and Amy, the latter of which is a favorite to win Best Documentary at the Oscars this year. His narrative features include Far North, The Return, and The Warrior. It's unclear when exactly Silver Ghost will begin shooting, let alone when it'll be released, but it definitely looks like one to keep an eye on in the meantime.