Kevin Smith Isn't Making Movies For Audiences Anymore, Reveals Crazy Ending To 'Moose Jaws'

This past weekend brought the premiere of Kevin Smith's latest effort as writer and director, the absolutely insane Yoga Hosers, at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. If you want to know just how truly nutty this movie is, check out Peter Sciretta's full review on the movie right here, or watch the clip that was released before the premiere.

Yours truly was curious enough to check out the movie that is like a PG-13 Disney Channel nightmare as only Kevin Smith can deliver, and before and after the film, Smith had a couple interesting things to say about how he's approaching filmmaking now as well as what we can expect from Moose Jaws.

Before this screening of Yoga Hosers, Smith gave nearly a 15-minute introduction to the film, talking about its inception, working with his daughter Harley Quinn Smith, bringing Johnny Depp and his daughter Lily-Rose Depp on board and more. After talking about how Johnny Depp likes to answer Kevin's calls in character as the goofy Guy Lapointe (who also appeared in Tusk), he talked about his approach to movies nowadays and how he isn't aiming to please general audiences anymore. Towards the end of his little spiel, Smith said:

"I used to want to make movies for audiences. But if you've seen Tusk, and after you've seen Yoga Hosers, you'll see that I really don't give a shit about the audience anymore."

After posting about this online, many people have taken it as something incendiary towards the people who go to see his movies. However, his position is really one that a lot of filmmakers should have. Smith isn't saying that he doesn't want the audience to enjoy the movie or that he's purposely making movies that they won't like (though some would disagree with the latter), but he's simply making the movies that he wants to make.

When it comes to Yoga Hosers, Smith said that the surprising thing about the film is that it's supposed to be for kids. He mentioned making the kind of movie that he would have wanted to see when he was a 12-year old girl. And while the two lead characters would actually make for an entertaining movie that adolescent girls would enjoy, the more insane parts of the movie involving Satanists and Nazi bratwursts (no, I'm not joking about that) don't seem to fit that mold. But if Smith is making the movies he wants, and someone is willing to pay for them, then good for him.

One of those movies that companies are still willing to pay for is Moose Jaws. It's meant to be the third film in what Smith has dubbed the True North trilogy of films that take place in Canada. The director hopes to be in production in April on the film that he says will be a beat-for-beat remake of Jaws.

Smith has already revealed the film will have him dying at the hooves of the titular killer moose, but during the Q&A after Yoga Hosers, he gave away some details about the ending of the movie that will see the film veer away from Steven Spielberg's classic. So don't read any further if you're worried about spoilers.

Kevin Smith Moose Jaws

Are you ready for the Kevin Smith Moose Jaws spoilers? All right, here we go.

After reiterating the Jaws influence, Smith said that around the time he was working on the third act, he didn't just want to copy Spielberg anymore. And instead he decided to use a bunch of other movies as inspiration. Apparently the ending of Moose Jaws is an amalgamation of Godzilla, Destroy All Monsters, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Return of the Jedi.

My bet is that the Wrath of Khan part is when Silent Bob is supposed to be killed by the moose, leaving Jay to deliver a dramatic scream. As for the Godzilla and Destroy All Monsters mentions, Smith said that Tusk will be returning in Moose Jaws and he's actually going to fight the moose. Pretty insane, right?

I'm not sure why Smith was so forthcoming to reveal the ending to his movie, but he's never been all that secretive about his projects before. Plus, it's not as if he gave a lot of specific details, though bringing Tusk back does seem like something he would want to keep under wraps for all five people who would be excited about that prospect.

Anyway, kudos to Smith for simply making the kind of movies he wants. If his fans or other audiences like them, then that's a bonus. But if he can make a living writing and directing the kind of movies he wants to see without any interference from a studio or second-guessing himself as to whether this is is something the audience will enjoy, then it sounds like he's got it made.

Yoga Hosers and Moose Jaws don't have release dates yet, but we'll keep you posted.