Cool Stuff: Julien Loïs' 'The Time Machine' Print

Back in 2002, Guy Pearce starred in an adaptation of H.G. Wells' classic, revered sci-fi novel The Time Machine. But before that, 1960 brought an adaptation of the book to the big screen from George Pal, who also directed the original big screen adaptation of War of the Worlds. Now Nautilus Art Prints is releasing a new print from French artist Julien Loïs paying tribute to the film, and it's magnificent. Find out how you can get your hands on The Time Machine print after the jump!

First, here's are the two versions of Julien Loïs' The Time Machine print (via OMG! Posters):

This actually looks like it could easily be the cover of the novel as opposed to an art print for the poster. I really like the wavy text for the title, and the way the Morlocks are lurking behind the time machine. This actually makes me want to see what Julien Loïs could do with a print paying tribute to War of the Worlds as well.

The one on the left is the regular version with an edition of 200 and will cost you €50, or a little over $54. The one on the right is the variant with an edition of 100 and will cost you €75, or a little over $81. Both are screen prints which measure 24x36 inches and will be on sale January 22nd at 7pm Brussels Time (that's 1pm Eastern Time or 10am Pacific Time) at the Nautilus Art Prints website right here. They have some other cool prints up on the site over there so check them out!