'The Martian' Honest Trailer: Matt Damon Periscopes Everything On Mars

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One of the favorites of critics and audiences alike in 2015 was The Martian, starring Matt Damon. The movie hits Blu-ray and DVD next week, so there's no better time for the Honest Trailer to skewer the space survival story that makes us spend even more money to rescue Matt Damon from space (which has happened a little more often than you may remember). So let's go to a place we can only go in the movies: a world where NASA is suddenly popular and very well-funded.

Here's The Martian Honest Trailer from Screen Junkies:

Easily one of the most enjoyable movies of 2015 (it was one of Angie Han's top 10 of 2015), there's not a lot to poke fun at other than the characters themselves. Why does Matt Damon have to Periscope everything? Likely because it's astronaut procedure for future documentation, but that doesn't mean he has to talk about his frozen nuts or disco music. But then we wouldn't be having a laugh in between all the math and science.

In all honesty though, I'd like to know just what happened between our world now and the future where NASA has all this money to send manned missions to Mars. Because it would be nice to know that all the kids who may have been inspired to become astronauts by The Martian actually had a chance of going to space in their lifetime. But hey, maybe we'll end up there anyway with all the civilian space travel that's in the works. Or maybe we'll all end up dead. It's an exciting time to be alive.