LOL: The Iconic Stairs Scene From 'Rocky' Is Pretty Awkward Without Music

Trey Parker and Matt Stone cleverly called attention to the cliché of training montages with a little musical number in Team America: World Police. However, that hasn't stopped montages, especially with our heroes gearing up for the final fight, from being a mainstay in motion pictures. But have you ever stopped to think about what it's like to be in that kind of scene when the music that drives the scene doesn't actually exist?

A new video imagines what the classic stair scene from Rocky would be like with realistic audio instead of the inspirational music that helped make the scene so iconic, and it's pretty awkward.

Here's the Rocky stairs scene with realistic audio from Mix Minus:

This is exactly how Rocky Balboa experiences this scene since there's no diegetic music being played while he runs up those stairs, It's pretty amusing to think about the endless scenes like this that would be so strange to be part of without the soundtracks and scores that drive them, especially slow-motion walking scenes. Though it does seem like they go a little too out of their way to make Rocky sound a little more dimwitted than he normally does.

It just goes to show you how editing and music turns what would otherwise be mundane and boring into something exciting and inspirational. So many scenes in movies are made iconic because of the music in them, and this scene in Rocky is a perfect example. So thanks, composer Bill Conti, for making this scene truly memorable. And thanks, Creed, for not having a straight-up copy of this scene.