Top 20 Stories Of The Week: Doctor Strange, Christopher Nolan And The Force Awakens

The Top 20 Stories of the Week are the stories we think you should check out on /Film from the previous week.

This week we've got some new photos from Assassin's Creed, the second season of Daredevil, and a bunch of other movies coming in 2016. We've also got a couple great features on The Hateful Eight and the films of Quentin Tarantino, the first official photos of Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange and tons of Star Wars: The Force Awakens bits about development, theories, deleted scenes and more.

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#20. Get a First Look at Neighbors 2, Arms and the Dudes and More 2016 Films

Neighbors 2 Photo

Here's a round-up of first looks at some anticipated 2016 movies:

#19. Daisy Ridley Lends Her Voice to Studio Ghibli's Only Yesterday

The animated adventure arrives in New York on January 1st and everywhere else February 26th.

#18. President Obama Hops in the Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Trailer

The new season is available now on Crackle.

#17. Halloween Franchise Rights No Longer Belong to Dimension Films

halloween franchise

The rights to the Halloween franchise are no longer at Dimension Films. So what does this mean for the future of the horror film series? Find out in our full story.

#16. Black Panther Will Set Up The Avengers: Infinity War

Black Panther

Kevin Feige says Black Panther is a geo-political action adventure and it will lead right into The Avengers: Infinity War. Get the full scoop on what the Marvel chief had to say right here.

#15. First Photos of Michael Fassbender in Assassin's Creed

Assassin's Creed Photo

Check out Michael Fassbender in the hood in the first photos from the video game adaptation Assassin's Creed right here.

#14. Daredevil Season 2 Photos Introduce The Punisher

Daredevil cinematographer

The first photos from the second season of Daredevil have been unveiled, including our first look as Jon Bernthal as The Punisher and Elodie Yung as Elektra. Check out the photos right here.

the hateful eight trailer

#13. The Hateful Eight Roadshow Experience is One Worth Seeking Out

Our own Jacob Hall checked out the 70mm roadshow experience for The Hateful Eight, and he's pleased to report that it's the best way to see Quentin Tarantino's latest western. Get his full rundown on the experience right here.

#12 Star Wars: The Force Awakens Almost Had a Familiar Title

The Force Awakens Alternate Title

Before it was called The Force Awakens, the title for Star Wars: Episode VII almost had a very familiar title for those who read a particular title from one of the books that is now regarded as being part of the non-canon Legends stories. Find out the title right here.

#11. The New Holiday Classics: Christmas Movies for the Next Generation

new christmas classics

Our own Jacob Hall runs through some of the modern holiday movies that have quickly become favorites to watch at Christmastime. Elf and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang made the cut, but did any of your other favorites end up on the list? Find out right here.

#10. How Did Star Wars: The Force Awakens Change During Development?


There were plenty of ideas that never made it into Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and thanks to The Art of The Force Awakens book, we get a glimpse into some of the elements that didn't make the cut. Find out some of the development changes right here.

#9. Game of Thrones Season Six Will Feature the History of Westeros

game of thrones season 6

The sixth season of Game of Thrones will dive into the history of Westeros, and the first photo has also debuted. Check it out right here.

#8. Here's Why Supreme Leader Snoke Probably Isn't Darth Plagueis

Darth Plagueis

Many seem to think that Supreme Leader Snoke from Star Wars: The Force Awakens could be Darth Plagueis, the mentor to Emperor Palpatine. But we present evidence to the contrary right here.

#7. New Image from Ghostbusters with Details on the Film's Villains

ghostbusters reboot

Another image from the reboot of Ghostbusters has been unveiled with some details on the villains that our new paranormal exterminators will be facing off against. Check out the new photo right here.

Supreme Leader Snoke in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

#6. Even More Star Wars: The Force Awakens Theories

Even more theories from Star Wars: The Force Awakens have surfaced about the identity of Supreme Leader Snoke, Rey's Name and much more. Add fuel to these arguments or douse water on them right here.

#5. Ranking the Films of Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantio cinematography

Our own Jacob Hall ranks all the films of director Quentin Tarantino. Did your favorite come out on top? Check out the full list right here.

#4. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Screenplay Offers New Insight

star wars: the force awakens screenplay

Some more details on the ending of The Force Awakens and some other previously unknown tidbits may have been revealed in the film's screenplay. Get the details right here.

#3. Christopher Nolan's Next Movie is Dunkirk, a World War II Drama

2017 Christopher Nolan Movie

Director Christopher Nolan has been busy lining up his next project, a World War II drama called Dunkirk. The film will reunite the filmmaker with Tom Hardy, and some new names who haven't worked with the director are on board as well. Get the details right here.

#2. Here's 20 Scenes That Were Cut from Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

We run through 20 scenes that ended up getting cut from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and some of them offer insight into some unanswered questions in the movie. Learn about all the deleted scenes right here.

#1. First Look at Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange

Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange (header)

The first photos of Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange have surfaced, and the Sherlock star looks absolutely fantastic as the Sorcerer Supreme. Check out the photos right here.

That's all for the Top 20 Stories of the Week. Stay tuned for more soon.