One Fan Took A Whole Year To Build The Best LEGO Millennium Falcon Ever

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There have been a few different LEGO versions of the iconic Millennium Falcon from Star Wars over the years. There have been two minifigure scale versions of the ship, from the original trilogy and The Force Awakens, and then there's a more impressive Ultimate Collector's Series version that usually costs upwards of $5,000 nowadays. But one fan decided to make his own LEGO Millennium Falcon, and it's bigger and better than any version we've seen before. Check it out below!

Here's some of the photos of the custom LEGO Millennium Falcon (via The Brothers Brick):

Marshal Banana put together this 7,500-piece creation, using 50% more parts than the 5,195-piece UCS version (the second-largest LEGO set ever sold by part count). As you can see, it looks incredible from the outside, complete with light-up engines and gun wells. The only downside is that beyond the cockpit (which seats four as it's supposed to), it doesn't have a full interior, mostly because it would make the model too heavy since it already weighs about 22 pounds.

Measuring nearly three feet long, this is truly the ultimate LEGO version of the Millennium Falcon, and if I had the extra money to buy all the parts necessary to build it, I would definitely do so. Check out more images at Marshal's Flickr page along with some other cool custom LEGO creations.