Cool Stuff: 'Mad Max: Fury Road' And More Modern Movies Get Retro VHS Cover Art

We're on the verge of having an entire generation never know the exquisite joy of shuffling through a video rental store to pick out the movie you want to take home for the weekend. Sure, compared to DVD and eventually Blu-ray, the quality of VHS was abysmal. But there was still something special about going to the local video store and just walking the aisles and finding something for your viewing pleasure.

Now one cinephile has decided to resurrect a small part of that joy by giving modern movies like Mad Max: Fury Road, Ex Machina and The Revenant their own retro-style VHS covers that you might have seen on shelves at your local video store. Check them out!

Here's the batch of modern movie VHS covers, followed by the front covers of a few of the select movies:

If you want to see the back covers, they can all be found in the original Imgur post. These are perfectly done, right down to the wear and tear on the box art.

It just makes you remember all the times you rented a movie, watched it, and then forgot to return it and had to deal with those awful rental fees. And the next time you tried to rent something, they would make you pay. But sometimes you could bypass it for the next time. And the next time you were in there, someone else was working so they'd bypass it for you again, and you never really paid the late fee. It was a wonderful time.