Sharon Stone Will Help James Franco Make A Movie About The Making Of 'The Room'

Tommy Wiseau's infamous cult favorite The Room features a no-name cast of first-time actors, starting with Tommy Wiseau himself — the director / writer / producer cast also himself as the lead, despite a total lack of professional experience on every single one of those fronts. James Franco's making-of movie about The Room, on the other hand, is turning out to be quite the star-studded affair.

The latest notable name to sign on for The Disaster Artist is Sharon Stone, who'll star alongside Dave FrancoSeth RogenZac Efron, and many more in the film. Find out who she's playing after the jump. 

THR broke the news of the Sharon Stone Disaster Artist casting. She'll play a Hollywood agent in the film. Stone is coming off of the TNT series Agent X, which was cancelled this month after one season. She previously worked with Franco on a movie set behind the scenes of another notorious production, Lovelace. The 2013 feature about the making of Deep Throat starred Stone as the mother of porn star Linda Lovelace and featured Franco in a cameo as Playboy founder Hugh Hefner.

Released in 2003, The Room is widely considered one of the worst movies ever made. You can't accuse Wiseau of lacking vision or ambition; it's just that he falls short on every conceivable level. The film has everything: nonsensical dialogue, dropped subplots, stilted performances, spectacularly ill-advised plot twists. Wiseau plays a successful banker, Johnny, whose fiancée Lisa cheats on him with his best friend (oh hi) Mark.

The Disaster Artist is based on the memoir by Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell. Sestero, who played Mark in The Room, will be played by Dave Franco in The Disaster Artist. Ari Graynor plays Juliette Danielle, the actress who played Lisa. Josh Hutcherson is Philip Haldiman (a.k.a. Denny the neighbor), Andrew Santino is Scott Holmes (a.k.a. Mike), Jacki Weaver is Carolyn Minnott (a.k.a. Lisa's mom Claudette), and Zac Efron is Dan Janjigian (the drug dealer in The Room).

Also starring are Alison Brie (Dave Franco's real-life fiancée) as Sestero's onscreen girlfriend; Hannibal Buress as Bill Meur, who rents space to Wiseau for the movie; and Seth Rogen as script supervisor (and possibly director?) Sandy Schklair. Kate Upton is also involved in an unnamed role. And James Franco will play Tommy Wiseau himself, complete with a long black wig and a squinty smile.

Shooting on The Disaster Artist is already underway. New Line, which is distributing the film, has not yet announced a release date. While we wait, here's a book trailer for Sestero's The Disaster Artist.

Of course, we couldn't very well report on a movie about the making of The Room without giving you a taste of some of The Room's best moments, so here you go.