Cool Stuff: Preview 'Snikt. Bamf. Thwip', Mondo's Celebration Of Marvel Comics

We've made no secret of our love for Mondo here at /Film, nor of our obsession with Marvel superheroes. So what happens when you put the two of them together? A must-see gallery show called Snikt. Bamf. Thwip: A Celebration of Marvel Comics, that's what.

As announced last week, the exhibition brings together artists like Tom Whalen, Becky Cloonan, Matt Taylor, and Matthew Woodson, all united by their love of Marvel's uncanny, mighty, amazing, incredible superheroes. Today, we've got a little preview of what'll be on display. Check it out after the jump. 

Below you'll find "Dark Phoenix" by Becky Cloonan (via SuperHeroHype), "Thor" by Matt Taylor (via Comics Alliance), "Wolverine" by Tom Whalen (via Disney), and "We Are Each Our Own Devil" (i.e., Daredevil) by Matthew Woodson (via Comic Book Resources). Each has a regular version and a variant version.

Said Mondo Creative Director Mitch Putnam:

It's probably no surprise that the Marvel Comics universe holds a special place in every Mondoer's heart. These characters inspired us, helped to shape who we are, and taught us life lessons that stuck with us forever (our own Eric Garza still pretty much thinks he's Wolverine). We excitedly asked a handful of artists to create posters for some of our favorite comic storylines and characters. We can't wait for you to see everything.

As individual pieces, my favorite might be Whalen's Wolverine variant, but Taylor's Thor and its Loki-themed variant seem like they'd look pretty great hanging side-by-side. I love the way they play off of and comment on each other, without directly mirroring one another.

Snikt. Bamf. Thwip: A Celebration of Marvel Comics opens December 11 and runs through December 19 at the Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas. You can find more details at the Mondo website, or in the flyer below:Mondo Marvel Show