VOTD: The Fencing World Championship Hosted An Epic Lightsaber Duel

Pretty much closest you can get to feeling like you're a true master of wielding a lightsaber is become an expert at fencing. The sport is the only way we can test our abilities as sword fighters, and since a lightsaber is just a laser sword, it should come as no surprise to hear that the Senior World Championships of fencing hosted an epic lightsaber duel for the crowd's entertainment.

It's Jedi versus Sith, but this time it's the good guy with a double bladed lightsaber, one green and one blue, fighting a single blad red lightsaber. But a good lightsaber battle is only as good as the choreography, and this one is extremely impressive. Watch!

Here's fencing lightsaber duel from Casual Stormtrooper (via Nerdist):

It should be noted that the above version is "fixed" because the score from composer John Williams and the lightsaber hums and clashes were added to make it that much cool. If you want to watch the original video, which is still impressive despite the lack of lightsaber sounds, you can check it out from School of Saberfighting right here. But be warned, there's a DJ playing a Maroon 5 song during the battle, so it kind of ruins everything.

Here's hoping that the lightsaber battle we see in Star Wars: The Force Awakens gives us something to talk about. Of course, since our new heroes Finn (John Boyega) and Rey (Daisy Ridley) aren't very skilled with the weapon, I don't know how they'll hold up against Kylo Ren (Adam Driver). If only there were another Jedi out there, perhaps the last of his kind, gone into hiding for 30 years, who could show up and show them how the job is done. Is there anyone out there who can fit that description?