VOTD: Counting Down Every James Bond Gadget Ever

Since the latest James Bond adventure doesn't seem to be faring quite as well as last year's acclaimed Skyfall, maybe we'd be better served with another look at the legacy of 007 instead of focusing on the shortcomings of Spectre.

We just recently featured a countdown of every single kill in the entirety of the franchise (with the exception of Spectre), and now it's time to look at the gadgets that made many of those kills possible. How many gadgets did Q Branch hand over to 007? Find out below!

Here's the James Bond gadgets supercut from Burger Fiction:

In total, there are 193 gadgets that James Bond has used over 50 years of movies, but remember that's without counting the goodies that Daniel Craig used in Spectre (otherwise it would be 53 years). Of course, not every gadget at 007's disposal should be praised, because there have been some pretty stupid gadgets, as you can see in the 16-minute video above.

Some of the worst offenders in the dumb gadget department include the crocodile suit from Octopussy, the Ghetto Blaster from The Living Daylights and of course, that prosthetic nipple from The Man with the Golden Gun. But the one that always enraged me was the glacier board from Die Another Day. Of course, there's not much about that awful Bond movie that doesn't enrage me, so really that gadget is just white noise.

What's impressive is that a lot of these gadgets aren't just science fiction anymore, and most of the time the gear that Bond uses is actually inspired by real science and devices, even if they're used in unbelievable ways. It won't be long before the Apple Watch has a laser on it, and then we'll all be in trouble.

I'm just kidding. No one out there will look up from their phone or watch screen long enough to cause any real trouble. And if you need some more James Bond fun, check out our ranking of every single theme song from the movies here.