'Trek Wars' Trailer Mash-Up: The Millennium Falcon Vs The USS Enterprise

Another day, another variation on the final trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We've seen the original Star Wars trilogy presented like The Force Awakens, and someone else decided to cut footage from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with the score for the trailer. Now one more has just arrived, and I'm surprised it took this long.

Trek Wars is a mash-up of J.J. Abrams' rebooted Star Trek franchise and the director's tackling of the Star Wars saga with The Force Awakens. And it's edited in such a way that it makes it feel like the two iconic sci-fi properties are at war with each other. Check it out!

Here's the trailer for Trek Wars: The Darkness Awakens from Zenlike Productions:

This Trek Wars trailer comes from the same editor who delivered the fantastic renditions of Big Hero 6 mashed up with The Avengers: Age of Ultron and also Guardians of the Galaxy mashed up with Jurassic World. This YouTuber makes some very clever cuts with the right audio making it even better. There's a part of me that thinks he has a future in editing real trailers, if they're not doing that already.

I would say that seeing Star Trek and Star Wars would certainly fuel the fire between Trekkies and Warsies (the latter being a word that I just made up), but most fans will tell you that there isn't really a rivalry between the two groups of sci-fi nerds. Sure there are friendly arguments here and there, but why can't we just all enjoy two different, successful sci-fi sagas that make us all happy. Of course, if you just don't like J.J. Abrams, well, you've been screwed since 2009. But that'll change with both Star Trek Beyond and Star Wars: Rogue One in 2016