Concept Art Shows The 'Inside Out' Emotions That Didn't Make The Cut

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Just recently, the Honest Trailer for Inside Out pointed out all the seemingly key emotions that were left out of the movie. Instead of having a slew of emotions inside Riley's mind, they opted to go with only Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear. And while that seems like an oversimplification of our emotions, it worked pretty well.

However, for those who were expecting to see more emotions in the movie, you may be interested to know that plenty of others were in consideration to be included, but they simply didn't make the cut. Some Inside Out concept art shows off what some of them would have looked like, including Embarrassment, Greed, Envy, and Love.


Inside Out - Concept Art


Inside Out - Concept Art



Inside Out - Concept Art


Inside Out - Concept Art


Inside Out - Concept Art


Inside Out - Concept Art

Shame and Embarrassment (with Fear)

Inside Out - Concept Art

The art comes from USA Today, which also lists some emotions that don't have concept art available such as Pride, Despair, Depression, Schadenfreude and Ennui. In the end, several of these emotions simply have the ability to be part of the more general emotions that ended up being used. For example, Depression, Despair and Ennui could all be part of Sadness while Irritation could fall under Anger.

Though I will say that some of the other emotions that didn't end up getting used would have been interesting additions. Love would have been a nice one to see realized, especially with all the tender moments between Riley's parents. Or maybe Love could pop up in a sequel where Riley falls in love (which would be different from the Riley's First Date short since she would likely be older and dealing with hormones and puberty).

Pride would also be a fun one to see interacting with the rest of the emotions, walking around the mind with far too much confidence. Rob Lowe's performance as Chris Traeger in Parks and Recreation immediately comes to mind as the perfect personality for Pride.

But in the end, the simplicity of the mind ended up being what made Inside Out so accessible. After all, the mind is extremely complicated, and if you tried to include all of the various emotions that we experience, things are going to get out of hand pretty quick.

However, I think it would be interesting if a sequel incorporated some of these emotions that we don't experience as frequently as the primary five emotions and have them show up in the same way consultants do in offices. That would make for quite the interesting dynamic and complicated things for our five main characters. But we don't know if a sequel to Inside Out is in the cards at this point, so we'll see what happens. Otherwise, Inside Out hits Blu-ray on November 3rd.