VOTD: Hulk Smashes Los Santos In Latest 'Grand Theft Auto V' Mod

Back in August, video gamer and expert mod creator JulioNIB spiced up Grand Theft Auto V by introducing an Iron Man suit, complete with flying capabilities and repulsor blasters to create chaos in Los Santos. And now he's moved on to Tony Starks science bro for his latest mod.

The Incredible Hulk is the latest character that JulioNIB has decided to bring into GTAV, and he's like a big green freight train just tearing through the city, knocking cars around like toys, destroying anything in his path. Someone is gonna have to call in Veronica to stop him.

Check out the Grand Theft Auto V Hulk mod below!

Here's the video of Hulk in action form GTA X Scripting (via ScreenRant):

One of the coolest things about this mod is how Hulk can take huge leaps to jump across the city, just like he does on the big screen. Now if only Los Santos has some kind of alien invasion problem where he could throw around the puny invaders and smash their flying space creatures. Frankly, I'd really like to see him tear apart some jets, just like in The Avengers.

Since JulioNIB has already created an Iron Man mod before bringing Hulk into the game, the next logical step would be for him to create a Hulkbuster mod so that these two can go head to head right in the middle of Los Santos. Of course, since these mods don't seem to work in multiplayer, it would probably be pretty hard to make them fight in the game.

These kind of player generated mods are very popular online, and it would be cool to see games like Grand Theft Auto V striking deals to incorporate outside influences like this to add to the game.  But of course, there's the business side of things with copyrights and all that jazz, and I can't imagine Disney will want to put their Avengers in a video game that involves organized crime, prostitutes and other nefarious activities. So I guess these custom mods will have to do.