LOL: Someone Built A "Real" Thor Hammer That Only He Is "Worthy" To Lift

Although the details vary depending on which bits and pieces of comic book continuity you choose to ignore, the forging of the hammer Mjolnir was a dramatic affair. Created by Dwarven blacksmiths working with the powerful Asgardian metal known as uru, the Odinson's weapon of choice was constructed at an enchanted forge in the heart of a dying star. Enchanted so it could only be lifted by those worthy of the power of Thor, Mjolnir is one of the most powerful – and exclusive – weapons in the Marvel universe. Only a handful of characters in comic book history have managed to wield it.

And then some guy with a YouTube channel came around and built his own version using the power of science. Take that, colorful space gods!

Check out footage of the real Thor hammer after the jump!

Crafted by Allen Pan for his YouTube channel Sufficiently Advanced, this Mjolnir doesn't have a fantastical and dramatic origin story, but it does have a pretty cool one. Inside this hammer is a powerful electromagnet (and a whole bunch of batteries), so when it's placed on a metal surface it becomes nearly impossible to pick up. However, Pan has a secret weapon in his weapon. Embedded into the handle is a fingerprint scanner that deactivates the magnet, allowing him and only him to lift his mighty weapon.

So what does Pan do with this very cool science experiment? He takes it into public and watches people try (and fail) to lift it, of course.

Since you're a geek who clicked on a post about a guy who built a "real" Mjolnir, you surely remember that scene from Avengers: Age of Ultron that is sampled at the start of that video. Pan's cool experiment was actually kind-of-sort-of predicated by Tony Stark, who, unable to pick up the hammer at a party, massages his bruised ego by passing Mjolnir's magic off as science.

Since he's is the sole wielder of the hammer and a scientific wiz, is Pan Thor or Tony Stark in this scenario? That's a question for you to decide. We do know this much: the guy who figures out the magnet trick and slides Pan's hammer off the metal before successfully lifting it (rendering that magnet's power null and void) is definitely the Vision.

Now that we seem to building an alternate MCU out of people popping up in YouTube channels, it's time to track down a Captain America, a Hulk, and a Hawkeye. So feel free to share your best videos containing inspiring speeches, weightlifting feats, and drunken darts tournaments in the comments below.

Meanwhile, you can look forward to seeing the real Mjolnir again in Thor: Ragnarok, which may now feature the Hulk and possibly also a new-to-the-MCU Marvel superheroine fighting alongside the Mighty Avenger, when it premieres on July 28, 2017.