LOL: Fake Sequels Now Shooting In New York City

If you happen to live in a major city, or anywhere that has doubled as a shooting location on a film set, you know that the crew has to let the area know that production will be happening nearby. That often means that certain parts of a street are closed off, and that can make things like parking a real hassle. And some pranksters in New York City have decided to take that normal occurrence and enrage some of the locals beyond just taking away their parking spaces.

Jason Eppink and Mike Lacher have been posting shooting notifications around New York City for fake sequels such as Annie Hall 2, The Godfather IV and Do the Right Thing 2, presumably pissing off cinephiles and residents until they do a little internet research.

Here are images of the signs up around NYC from Jason Eppink's website (via

In addition, after Eppink and Lacher started posting these signs around New York City, a copycat named "Chad" started doing the same thing for terrible sequels like Taxi Driver 2, and more original but equally unsettling ideas such as Williamsburg: The Movie and Bushwick: The Movie.

So if you happen to see any of these shooting notification signs around your neighborhood in NYC, make sure you check around online to make sure you're not the victim of some sick joke like this. Or if you want to get in on the fun, Eppink's website has a template that you can print out so you can make your own fake movie sequel shooting notifications for your hometown.

If Eppink and Lacher sound familiar, they're the guys who painted a line down some New York City sidewalks, creating a lane for tourists and a lane for real New Yorkers. Before you know it, we'll hear that they're behind Pizza Rat too.