Your Quick Hit Of Marvel News: Hulk Will Smash In 'Thor: Ragnarok,' 'Luke Cage' Takes Place After 'Jessica Jones'

The joys of the Marvel Cinematic Universe stem from this universe's collection of extraordinary – and wildly different – characters somehow managing to co-exist in the same universe. It's always fun to pick up an issue of Captain America and see another superhero appear in to lend a helping hand. The movies have followed suit, with the heroes popping in and out of each other's lives as they're needed. The latest rumor smashing up the internet like Bruce Banner after a particularly stressful day suggests that the mightiest (and greenest) of the Avengers will play a role in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok, lending support to the mighty son of Odin.

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Our interest in the latest Thor adventure was already piqued by the news that What We Do in the Shadows maestro Taika Waititi had been ushered into the director's chair, but this report from JoBlo is now making our third venture to the outer realms of the MCU all the more intriguing. Specific details are scarce, but here's the gist of it: Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner/the Hulk will be a key player in Thor: Ragnarok. Keep in mind this is just a rumor for now, as Marvel Studios hasn't confirmed any such thing.

If true, it would actually be a very smart move. The last time we saw the Hulk, he was brokenhearted and piloting the Quinjet toward locations unknown in the final scenes of Avengers: Age of Ultron. He could end up literally anywhere. Previous rumors suggested that he'd find his way into space and meet up with Star-Lord and the gang in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, but that's a movie series that doesn't need a Hulk-powered punch in the arm. (Not to mention James Gunn has insistently denied Hulk / Guardians crossover rumors.)

The Thor movies, however, could use a little boost. Sure, we like the goofy, fish-out-water stylings of the first film and the borderline incomprehensible uber-nerdery of the second, but these tend to be the Marvel movies no one talks about, remembers, or loves. Putting a beloved character into the mix could be exactly what these movies need.

Plus, it'll make use of Ruffalo, who might otherwise have to sit around and twiddle his thumbs until Avengers: Infinity War. Since Marvel Studios and Universal are entangled in all kinds of legal red tape that makes a solo Hulk outing difficult, letting him rampage around inside others characters' movies sounds like a great idea.

Moreover, Thor and the Hulk have a history of, uh, not quite getting along. Let's see a movie where they resolve this stuff and learn to appreciate one another buddy-cop-style:

JoBlo also says that Thor: Ragnarok will also feature Tom Hiddleston's Loki and Jaimie Alexander's Sif, but that felt like a given. More interesting is their revelation that the plot will involve a "distant planet" that's "not Asgard or Earth." Since we know the film will somehow involve the Norse apocalypse (that's the title of the film, after all), we can now start constructing wacky theories about how all of this ties together.

Speaking of MCU characters wandering into each other's lives, it's no secret that Mike Colter's Luke Cage will be a supporting player in Jessica Jones, Marvel's direct follow-up to the phenomenally successful Daredevil. If you were wondering exactly what how Mr. Cage's debut appearance will set up his own Netflix series (expected to drop in 2017), Colter has got you covered. Speaking with, he revealed how his solo series fits in the Marvel timeline:

I can tell you what they've allowed me to, which is basically, Luke Cage will take place a few months after Jessica Jones. So in real time, if you watch Jessica Jones, you'll find [at the end] Luke Cage uptown in Harlem, working, trying to make ends meet. Luke Cage really hasn't figured out what he's doing. He's tending bar, he's bouncing around. And for good reason, he's a fugitive, he has some skeletons in his close.

He's trying to basically stay off the radar. The people he hangs around with, though, are in need. Ultimately, he'd rather be alone, but with the way he's equipped he does step up. That's what it's about, it's about finding that inner feeling to make you want to take action. Sometimes we just sit around, and sit on our hands and don't do anything because it's like 'hey, that's not my problem.' You can't do that when you're a superhero. You have these gifts, now use them.

Since Cage's comic book origin story centers entirely around him being a former convict who finds himself gifted with super-powers after an experiment and decides to use his newfound abilities for good (and occasionally profit), this news shouldn't come as much of a surprise to comic book fans. Still, it's nice to see this confirmed. Plus, Colter says that Luke Cage will be the first Netflix MCU series to stray from Hell's Kitchen:

So I can say you'll find him uptown in Harlem, and in a completely different world from Hell's Kitchen.

Hey! The last time we visited Harlem in the MCU, Hulk was busy breaking it. There's an exciting narrative opportunity here. The folks in this neighborhood probably won't take kindly to another super-strong force of nature showing up and trying to do good.