Take A Closer Look At The Costumes Of 'Batman V Superman' In A New Featurette

By now, you're probably a little sick of looking at Batman and Superman. The good old days of not knowing what Ben Affleck's take on the Dark Knight looks like are long gone. The conversations about how Gal Gadot will look in Wonder Woman's armor are but a dream. Thanks to trailers and official stills and concept art, we know exactly what the stars of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice look like. The mystery is long gone.

Or is it? This well-timed new featurette, coinciding with New York Comic-Con, gives us an extended look at the Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman costumes via a conversation with costume designer Michael Wilkinson. It turns out that there are still things to discover in these colorful duds, should you care to take a closer look.

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The video finds Wilkinson at the Batman v Superman booth at NYCC, where all three of the film's superhero outfits are on display. The host asking the question is wise to let the man behind those outfits do most of the speaking. After all, he's devoted a significant chunk of his existence to these costumes and he has many interesting things to say.

Cutting between footage of the actual costumes and some very cool concept art, the featurette showcases things you'd probably miss unless you knew to look for them. For example, Superman's suit now has Kryptonian script embedded into the texture. Wilkinson doesn't translate it for us mere humans, but he does imply that their meaning could play a role in the actual movie. He also explains that there is very little armor on the new Batman suit and that he designed it to show off the Caped Crusader's mountains of muscle.

The most interesting tidbits emerge from our closer look at Wonder Woman's costume. Wilkinson once again confirms the character's immortality and says that many of the metals in her armor were designed to look supernatural, like they're magical or from another time. A cool piece of concept art also gives us our best (first?) look at her lasso. And that's great! Wonder Woman with a sword is cool and all, but her lasso is her thing. Lose that at your own peril, burgeoning DC movie universe.

Overall, the stuff in this featurette is far more inspiring than that Lex Luthor viral marketing video from yesterday. A truly mystical Wonder Woman goes a long way to counteracting whatever this movie is doing with Superman's arch-nemesis.

Batman v Superman opens on March 26, 2015.